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Could your dog benefit from guard dog training?

Brisbane Security Guard And Dog

Training your dog as a guard dog could be beneficial to your family, your home, and your dog. Dogs have a natural instinct to protect their territory (your home), and their family. Extra training beyond the usual basic commands uses their natural instinct to protect as the basis for training.…

Canine Crime Fighting – The Police Dog Squad

Police Dog Searching For Drugs

If you’ve been to a few large sporting events, music festivals or entertainment venues, chances are you’ve seen a police dog. Police dogs are used for a range of crowd security, enforcement and safety, tracking and substance detection purposes. The important role canines play within the police enforcement industry often…

The four dog breeds best suited for service


Human interaction with the canine species goes back a long way; so long in fact that the earliest origin of the domestic dog species is unclear. More recently, through selective breeding, the dog species has evolved and diversified into hundreds of vibrant species possessing more unique behavioural characteristics than any…

Turn your passion into a profession – Why you should get a job working with animals

working with

Love animals? With the animal and pet care industry growing, there are a number of opportunities to turn your love for animals into a job. If you hate your job and have always dreamed of working in the animal care industry, why not get the qualifications you need? Working with…

How to protect your home

Security Companies Prevent Burglars In Brisbane And Gold Coast

How to protect your home Whether you’re living with a family, alone or even with friends, protecting your home should be a priority. Household burglary is one of the most widespread crimes in Australia. There are a number of steps that can be taken to protect your home Upgrade your…

Why you need a canine security system


Protect your home with guard dog security What if you were told there was a new security system on the market, one that provided around the clock watch over your family and your home? What if this new system was mobile and active, had incredible peripheral vision, acute hearing and…

Protecting your home in 2015


Improve your security and achieve peace of mind in the New Year If you had a hectic year in 2014 and didn’t have time to assess the security of your home, perhaps now is the ideal time to ensure your home is secure. While the statistics of break-ins over Christmas…

Everything you need to know about buying a security dog


Dog Security can help you every step of the day when purchasing a security dog A dog that is expertly trained can be the perfect mixture of a friendly family pet and a security guard dog for your premises. Dog Security can help match the perfect dog for your security…

All I want for Christmas is a secure property


Be secure and relaxed this Christmas There are many different times of the year when you may have a heightened sense of concern for your home, property or event. These times are those such as: • While you are away on holiday • Holiday seasons • Periods of increased home…

Is your business going to be secure this holiday period?


We read and hear about them every day; business and home invasions, prized possessions stolen, people injured and the shocking vandalism cases. Home and business invasion and thefts are on the rise as the year comes to an end, a trend we often see. With this rise coming over the…

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