Is your business going to be secure this holiday period?

We read and hear about them every day; business and home invasions, prized possessions stolen, people injured and the shocking vandalism cases. Home and business invasion and thefts are on the rise as the year comes to an end, a trend we often see. With this rise coming over the holiday period while businesses and homes are empty many are left questioning how they can protect their property at an affordable cost.

Protecting your business: Know your options

Business owners understand the risks of having their premises entered, vandalised or stolen from; business equipment is needed to make a living. While you have business insurance no one wants to deal with the hassle of filling out paperwork, valuing equipment, waiting for a replacement and dealing with the out-of-pocket expenses as well as downtime. Business owners have a number of security options to keep their Brisbane or Gold Coast business safe outside of work hours:

Dangerous Living

Electronic Security Systems

The most commonly thought of security system, electronic security systems can provide alarms if you are broken into. There are downsides to the standard electronic security system: they can be costly, the simple sound of the alarm only chases away people once they have entered, the alarm may not deter those entering and the more common alarm systems can be understood by those with a history of such actions.

Manned Security

Manned security is a good option for those wanting a more visible, active security presence. Whether situated at the premises long term or as part of a roving team, the manned security option is viable for those looking for additional safety and the knowledge of a trained expert with a keen eye for suspicious people or activities. Manned security is available 24 hours a day, during ‘peak hours’ only, during night time only or simply during a period specified by you.

K9 ‘Man and Dog’ Security

Like Manned Security the Man and Dog Security option brings with it expertly trained skills, with the dog attendance you can also be sure that any abnormal scent is picked up and any local trespassers are tracked at the scene. The added presence of the Man and Dog security team also helps to deter would be criminals.

K9 Dog Only Security

While not our most preferred option, here at Dog Security our security providers also offer a dog only service. This option means one of our highly trained dogs is left on your premises as a deterrent during the evening. Please note that for this security option to be viable your premises need to be suitable for a dog to be left there alone. Our team will assess your suitability and make recommendations for you.

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