Canine Crime Fighting – The Police Dog Squad

Police Dog Searching For Drugs

If you’ve been to a few large sporting events, music festivals or entertainment venues, chances are you’ve seen a police dog. Police dogs are used for a range of crowd security, enforcement and safety, tracking and substance detection purposes.

The important role canines play within the police enforcement industry often goes unrecognised.

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Dog Squad is a vital part of the effective state-wide police force.

As you may have guessed, certain dog breeds are more suitable for certain positions within the police force. The German Shepherd is the main breed used in general purpose police work, but it is not unknown for other dog breeds to assist within the force. Labradors and beagles have been trained for arson, explosive and drug detection, and Belgian Shepherds have also been used in various operational duties.

While dogs are employed within the workforce for their superior senses, particularly hearing, smell and vision at night, not just any dog can be used in police work, regardless of their breed. A huge amount of professional training is required.

Handlers and their dogs spend a lot of time together, and not just training through the week or a few hours over the weekend. They train together, work together, live together; establishing a unique and formidable relationship.


The number of operational dog handler persons and teams is constantly increasing with the rise in demand. Upon application, suitable candidates can undertake an internal three month Police Dog Training Course conducted under supervision of the State Coordinator.

While no experience is required to undertake an internal police dog training course, there are a number of external courses you can take to give yourself some great foundational experience and favourable qualifications.

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Information in this article was taken from the QLD police department website ( If you have specific enquiries about becoming a police squad dog officer you can also go directly to the police recruit website (

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