Why you need a canine security system

Protect your home with guard dog security

What if you were told there was a new security system on the market, one that provided around the clock watch over your family and your home?

What if this new system was mobile and active, had incredible peripheral vision, acute hearing and scent detection and an unparalleled personal loyalty and connection to your home and family.

Would you be interested?

Everyone knows about the loyalty and companionship a dog can provide, but most overlook the security and protection. With such great loyalty a dog will instinctively act to alarm and protect from danger. With the correct professional training a dog can also provide physical protection.

Benefits of having a professionally trained guard dog

A dog can act as an effective deterrent to trespassers and unwanted guests.

With professional training, a dog can be taught to be controlled and non-aggressive, but respond appropriately to potential threats.

Dog Security has identified the key role training plays in helping a dog develop with both a friendly nature and competence in threatening situations. With experienced training in areas of drug detection, police patrol and at-home family security, Dog Security can provide tailored training methods to suit a dog’s specific environment.

Risks of having an untrained guard dog

While a larger dog can provide a greater level of physical security, an untrained and aggressive guard dog has a couple of downfalls:

  •  An untrained dog will have little effect against an intruder or trespasser
  • An untrained and aggressive dog may pose a threat to your family or friends

Importance of breed

Even a poodle will serve to provide some form of intruder alert for your home, the effectiveness of a guard dog however will depend largely on its breed.

Dog Security and Queensland Security Solutions breed and train Dutch Shepherds. Incredibly intelligent and obedient, easy to train and kind in nature, the Dutch Shepherd doubles as the perfect guard dog and companion in an individual or family environment.

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Training solutions

A full range of comprehensive training is provided to train dogs for both commercial and domestic housing conditions. While some of the training will be similar, a dog trained for high security or commercial purposes will receive different, specific training methods.

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If you are looking to increase the security of your home with the help of a friendly companion, Dog Security might be your answer. Dog Security is a Brisbane based security solutions company servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas.

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