Training Courses & Qualifications

Courses and Qualifications

Here at Dog Security we provide a range of quality training services and qualifications. We specialise in dog specific training services along with personal training in the animal care and security industries.

Training for your dog

Regardless of the breed, age or temperament of your dog, Dog Security can work with you to improve all aspects of your companions behaviour.

Our courses are also custom designed to work around your lifestyle.

Our one-on-one training programmes can fast-track your dog’s behaviour and obedience with basic movements, commands, correct walking techniques and all aspects of behavioural training.

Our courses are uniquely tailored work with your particular expectations and requirements.

We can help your puppy transition maturely from basic skills to advanced training for adult dogs. We also teach environment unique skills for those wishing to train their dogs in areas of home suspicion  and security.

If you lack the time and resources to partake in one-on-one training for your dog, why not check out our professional online dog and puppy training courses.

Personal training courses and qualifications

We also provide a range of personal courses for those who wish to work within the animal care industry. Our courses qualify participants for work in a range of animal care and welfare positions, and also provide a great stepping stone for those wishing to move into more advanced veterinarian qualifications.

Security Training Brisbane & Gold Coast QLD

At  Dog Security we understand the important role professional training plays in preparing people for within the security industries. We provide advanced security training programs.

For more information about the range of training services and qualifications we offer at dog security, please select your desired course from the above list. Alternatively, if you’d rather speak to one of our friendly staff, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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