Our Dogs

We will match the right dog to you and ensure your security needs are met

A dog that is expertly trained can be the perfect mixture of a friendly family pet and a security guard dog for your premises. We have many years of experience importing, breeding and training Dutch Shepherds, as well as a number of other highly sought after breeds. In selecting the right breed and maintaining the right training schedule, you can benefit from a dog who safe to be around your family, yet secure in the protection of your property.

We also have a number of dogs at our training centre ready for purchase, each of which has undergone rigorous training and impeccable breeding.

Partnering you and your security needs with the right dog

Our trained professionals will work with you to ensure you are partnered with the right dog to suit your protection and lifestyle needs.

Dog Security Experts

If you would like to make an enquiry about our various courses please contact our team.

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